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  • I’m heading off, but not going far

    My writing on this blog has dwindled to almost nothing now, with only a handful of posts being published this year (and some of them have been archives which I have revived because they are as relevant today as when they were written), so I have made the decision to stop focussing on this blog,… View Post

    Moringa superleaf powder from Aduna – super-greens for healthy hair, skin and nails (and general health too)

    An oldie from 2015 but still relevant today – I’ve been supplementing my diet with super-foods and super-greens for over 15 years, believing that we don’t actually get what we need nutritionally from what we eat. Intensive farming has meant that the nutritional content of our food is not what it used to be (that’s… View Post

    Sunday fun-day battling old demons

    Something you may not know about me is that I have launched my own face oil (or maybe you do know this!), alongside having a day job (I’m a marketing freelancer) and running this blog. It is proving to be quite the juggle, but I am loving working to fulfil a dream (to work for… View Post

    Mintd beauty box – THIS is the one to subscribe to

    I am not a fan of subscriptions, especially for beauty boxes. I tend to buy one-off beauty boxes like the Beauty Expert one, or the Cult Beauty one commissioned by Huda Beauty, or the Latest in Beauty ones, but only if they take my fancy or have enough full size products in them that I… View Post

    Facial massage for wrinkles – Yu Ling jade facial roller

    I first wrote about facial massage in September 2016 – it was becoming more and more popular as an at-home solution for smoothing away wrinkles and plumping up skin – and I am seeing more tools on the market now to help with massage, because fingers are just not enough 🙂 . If you google… View Post