2014 beauty resolutions – will you be making any?

new year resolutions

New year’s resolutions! It’s that time of year again when we’ll be making lots of resolutions we’ll be unable to stick with. What resolutions will you be making? They say any new resolutions last 2 weeks into the new year then, poof, they’re long forgotten and we slip back into our old ways.

But no new year would be complete without thinking about improvements and fresh beginnings. With this in mind, I have decided on just one new year resolution, with another one being added mid-year on my birthday. That feels fair and achievable to me! So, my resolution at the start of 2014 will be to body brush every morning before my shower. At the moment I don’t do it often enough to make a difference, and I know it works because I was committed to doing it just before my birthday holiday and I saw results (less of the orange peel effect on my bum and legs). I start today! I now have 6 months to work out what my next resolution will be. Any suggestions?

happy new year