6 month check-in on my new year’s resolution (yes, I only made one)

I don’t know why I bother making any new year’s resolutions… I don’t stick to them (usually because I can’t remember making them). Well, I’ve not managed to stick to this year’s resolution (body brush every morning). I do it maybe once or twice a week. Does it still count as a resolution, or just half of one? Meh, I’ll carry on with doing it intermittently. It’s got to be better than not at all 🙂

I promised myself I would make another resolution around this time of year, and this time I think I can stick with it…Everyone has been raving about drinking warm water and lemon first thing in the morning. Whilst it is a great tonic during the cold and flu season, it also does wonders for the body and skin the rest of the year. It cleanses the mucus from inside that may have built up overnight (the warm / hot water aids in flushing this out). Lemon contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants, helping to repair and block damage caused by free radicals. Whilst it helps to keep skin clear, it is a great way to rehydrate from the night’s sleep.

It’s a great substitute for coffee or tea (some mornings – I’ve not managed to give up my morning cuppa completely – I still need a pick-me-up before a run). I must admit, I take it like medicine (down in one) and don’t enjoy sipping it, but knowing the health benefits makes it all the more palatable.

morning cuppa

morning cuppa