A 10-day detox with the Organic Pharmacy that is worth a try

Detox army - so many supplements! All natural and minus binding agents

Detox army – so many supplements! All natural and minus binding agents

My detox is over. Finally. The pros – I seem to have broken the sugar habit. No more cravings for sweet stuff or junk food or bread (apparently, the refined carbs craving is linked to sugar). The cons – you become a bit of a bore over the 10 days, not going out and watching what you’re eating all the time.

I feel lighter, having lost a few pounds but if you’re looking to lose weight then this is probably not the right detox for you. If you’re looking to clean up your act and kickstart a healthier lifestyle, where you become more aware of what you’re putting into your body, then this is a great one to do. You don’t have to starve yourself on this detox. You still eat proper meals, but give up sugar, dairy, refined carbs, anything processed and limit caffeine, etc. And pop pills like they’re sweets twice a day. You’re eating clean and green, essentially.

My joints feel less swollen and I am definitely less bloated. I have more energy and am sleeping marginally better. There are lots of promises made about what the detox will do for you, and not every one of them came true for me, but each person’s body will react differently. I feel cleansed though. I went on this detox to reduce bloating and kickstart healthy eating again. And it has worked. I am a crisps fiend and I no longer crave them even though I am off the detox now. Yay! Long may that continue.

Some good habits have formed – Kusmi green tea has became a daily ritual; I have a shot of Chlorella every morning, which contains vitamin D and folic acid (I am supposedly deficient in these), as well as iron, plus it supports a healthy immune system, digestion, thyroid, skin, hair, nails, and continues keeping the liver in tip top condition by promoting detoxification; I no longer eat dairy at all, including cheese :(; I take a digestive enzyme with probiotics and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) too. Hot water with lemon every morning, and vitamin B and calcium supplements are old habits I am sticking with. I am hoping the cleanse has meant that all nutrients are being absorbed properly, although only time will tell with condition of hair and skin being the key indicators.

I’m glad I don’t have to take those detox capsules any more (only because they are huge) and I’m also glad I did this detox from the organic pharmacy over any other, mainly because it was not severe and unrealistic / unhealthy. I had fun experimenting with cooking, but not sure how easy that would be if I were really busy. Would I do it again? Probably. I think being disciplined for 10 days helps break some bad habits, and now I don’t want to undo all my good work. That’s got to be a good result! Fingers crossed I can maintain this for the longterm.