A little warning if you’re changing skincare products on a regular basis – skin may become stressed = breakouts

Blemish resistance army

Blemish resistance army

I am guilty of doing this A LOT. I have a naughty habit of changing products too regularly, forever on the hunt for that elusive elixir that will make skin smooth, clear and pore-free. It’s akin to searching for that perfect pair of boots or handbag – a fruitless task because there is no such thing as perfection. Instead you work with, and embrace, imperfection.

But, if you decide you want to change your skincare routine then aim to change only one item at a time, allowing a couple of months for skin to settle before changing another one. Otherwise, skin may get a bit stressed which leads to breakouts or bumps appearing under the skin, which is what ends up happening to me. The latter is a form of eczema. Besides, it is much easier for you to assess the efficacy of a product when you know it is the only new addition to your routine.

I don’t think changing cosmetics often is too much of an issue, except foundation which can ruin all your hard work in one hit. I ended up returning my Giorgio Armani foundation for just this reason. My skin looked awful and I had an allergic reaction (red and tight skin). Of course, if you have an allergic reaction to anything, then there’s a good reason to return it!

If you do experience a breakout or rash due to changing your skincare routine, then just simplify things – stop using whatever irritated your skin (obviously) and soothe with Argan oil or Rosehip oil (there she is again – my go-to for anything), and tackle any blemishes with some Aloe Vera gel which helps dry them out with the salicylic acid content, and heal faster. I find eating calming and skin strengthening foods helps soothe any irritation – banana (high level of vitamin B6 reduces swelling), chamomile tea (anti-oxidants help fight breakouts and accelerates healing process), turmeric (anti-inflammatory), blueberries (high in vitamins A & C for strong skin) and papaya (Vitamin A, C, E and carotenoids to reduce inflammation) are my favourites. In fact, these foods should be a regular part of your diet to ensure skin is the best it can be.

So, if you have an unexplained breakout, this could be the cause.