A magic pencil for those days when your eyes need a little help to look awake – 3 Custom Color clarifying pencil

Do you, like me, get days when eyes are looking tired, despite a good night’s sleep? Eyes then appear smaller, instantly ageing you and no amount of mascara can make them look wide awake? The older I get, the more often this happens.

I’d heard about a trick used by make up artists to brighten eyes with a whitening pencil, applying it to the bottom inner rim. But this looks so obvious on the fair skinned that I fear it will look completely ridiculous on me – no one wants to look like something out of a Bowie-inspired-space-age video (unless that’s the look you are deliberately going for!).

After months of looking, I have finally found one that works and is suitable for the dark-skinned amongst us. 3 Custom Color have 2 clarifying pencils that are suitable for fair-medium skin tones (light) and medium-dark skin tones (medium) skin tones. Waxy in consistency, it is easy to apply and doesn’t pull on skin at all. It lasts all day and is safe to use on the inside bottom rim of eyes, even for a contact lens wearer like me. I even use a smudge near the inner corners to help eyes look wider apart, and under the brow as a highlighter. I love that it has multiple uses.

The blurb says that it can be used to both conceal and highlight, but the medium is light enough to highlight on my skin, but too light to conceal. It can also be used to create a cupid’s bow which I’ve not tried yet – I fear it may be too light for my skin.

3 Custom Color is not easily found here in the UK. Cult Beauty stock both shades online. It’s worth having as part of your make-up arsenal. I’ve been using mine every day since I bought it! Addicted 🙂