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A little bit about me…I’m a 40-something year old woman, working in marketing by day, and blogging by night, and in between all that running my own business blending and selling face oils… I am the founder of Face oil by Sofia Latif.

I started this blog because I am a bit cynical about what the beauty industry tells us – how we should look at a certain age, what we should use when at a certain age, how we should act at a certain age – and experience tells me that you should not believe everything you read!

I believe in mixing it all up and looking the way you feel most comfortable, embracing whatever is designed for any of the age groups out there. It’s all about being uniquely you and not what others expect you or tell you to be (or use). That is just so much more authentic, isn’t it :).

So here I am sharing my holistic approach to beauty, which includes tips on great skincare (especially for sensitive skin), haircare, and healthy living, peppered with some make-up favourites, and my addiction to lip balm and hand cream.

I am on a journey to phase out as many chemicals as possible from the products I use, including parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, ammonia, peroxide, alcohol, silicones, chlorides and sulfates. I am a realist and not a purist though, so will make choices based on my beliefs as much as possible, but know that it is not easy when juggling budget, efficacy and transparency of information from brands.

Most of all, I am honest, truthful and opinionated.

Please get in touch if you have any recommendations of your own or specific questions, or are looking for recommendations from me on products for a particular issue. I will give impartial advice, but know that as I haven’t tried all products on the market so I will recommend some that have been reviewed by peers in the industry. I can be emailed at misslipbalm@gmail.com or contacted via any of these methods.