Adding to the facial oil collection

Yes, an odd thought. More oil. But who wants to look oily? No one. Who wants to look like they’re skin is supple, plump and hydrated? Everyone. The secret? Apply to damp skin to trap moisture under the oil (skin preferably damp with organic toner).

Everyone knows I love facial oils. I’ve used rosehip oil for about 10 years, faithfully. Recently, I’ve been sneaking in a few others to inject a bit more life into my skin and try to prevent fine lines becoming deep wrinkles.

Fushi organic argan oil

Fushi organic argan oil – can be used internal and external

Most will have heard of argan oil being used in hair products, helping to smooth out any frizz and add shine. It also helps strengthen skin’s natural defence, contains anti-oxidants to protect against free radicals, vitamins A and E to help with fine lines, and is rich in omega-6, so very moisturising. Fushi source their argan oil from women co-operatives in Morocco, so not only is it organic and Soil Association certified, it is supporting the sustainability of the Argan forest (win-win in my book).

pomegranate oil - for external use only

pomegranate oil – for external use only

Another one that can be used on both hair and skin is pomegranate oil. I’ve not used it on my hair, but can vouch for its effects on skin. It is rich in ellagic acid which is an anti-oxidant (wards off free radicals which can age skin). It helps regenerate skin so helping to heal the outer layer, boost elastin, whilst stimulating and reviving skin. It even helps strengthen the walls of pores, making them appear smaller. Naturally Thinking are my source for this, although natural but not organic.

You can also see some organic sweet almond oil in that photo – the smell alone makes me happy. This is great used as a pre-shampoo treatment on the ends of hair. It can be used on scalp too and has been used on skin to help with stretch marks as it is safe for pregnant women. It’s not one I have used on my skin, which is why I can’t really report on its efficacy. On hair, though, it is great, but that’s a story for another day 🙂