An exfoliator that is gentle enough to use everyday. Philosophy’s microdelivery daily exfoliating wash

I’m a big fan of Philosophy and the little stories they tell on their packaging. Their shower gels are a winter favourite – rich, moisturising and quite luxurious with a scent that lingers. I use their peel every week, and have just picked up their microdelivery daily exfoliating wash after trying out some samples that came with my peel.

exfoliate for fresh skin

exfoliate for fresh skin

I’ve been using it in the shower every few days or when skin looks dull and in need of brightening. It’s no good for taking off make up at the end of the day though, but great at revealing fresh looking skin in the morning. I know that with regular use it will help with unblocking pores and preventing blackheads, a side effect of hot summers.

There’s been quite a lot in the press lately about microbeads (which are the rough bits in scrubs and toiletries) and how they are damaging the environment. Fortunately, the microdelivery daily exfoliating wash contains diatomaceous earth (I’m not sure I would be able to pronounce that), a finely ground natural exfoliating material, and no microbeads. This was confirmed to me by Philosophy (I had to ask because the ingredients list for skincare products are a foreign language to me).

The scrub is gentle enough to use every day, although I don’t. For me twice or so a week is enough, even with my sensitive skin. Any more and I risk dry patches appearing. There’s something quite satisfying about super clean skin when it’s hot and sticky in the Summer.