Oil vs Serum – what is the difference in application?

Oil vs serum. What is the difference? After all, isn’t it just a case of rubbing the stuff into skin and then leaving it to work its magic. Actually no. One relies on massage to be absorbed by skin and the other just needs a light touch for it to be absorbed by skin. You see, it has to do with the consistency – light and liquid serums are smaller in molecular structure so pass easily through the skin’s outer barrier and into the deeper layers, whereas oils are much thicker and require a massaging action for it to be pushed into the outer layer of skin.

So, a serum just needs to be pressed into skin lightly and left to be absorbed, rather than rubbing it in, which will see more being absorbed by the palms of your hands, and they don’t need expensive serums all that much :). Serums tend to act in the deeper layers of the skin.

And oil needs to be massaged into skin for it to be absorbed by the outer layers. The massaging action itself is also useful for skin, drawing blood to the surface thereby oxygenating those layers. Facial massage also helps plump up skin and erase away the stresses of the day, relaxing the muscles and any lines that may have appeared during the course of the day.

Follow your serum with a face oil and massage every night, and watch skin visibly plump up again. I’m convinced that a facial massage is the best anti-ageing treatment available. And it is free.

Current serum is Kosé cell radiance refine & refresh serum and face oil is my own blend of oils I make for myself, but also use pai skincare’s rosehip oil and balance me radiance face oil quite regularly. I am obsessed with oils, and you can’t go wrong with mixing them up :).



  1. 7th October 2015 / 7:03 pm

    Both such lovely products. I’ve become a fan of oil-based serums too.