Bio-essence miracle bio water jelly make up remover – Asian skincare from Singapore

Bio-essence miracle bio water jelly makeup remover

Bio-essence miracle bio water jelly makeup remover

This is a freebie (gift with purchase) from one of my many hauls from Cult Beauty. A full size one. I got it back in July and have only just given it a try to check for sensitivity in prep for my holiday. It’s a rinse off cleanser, so no need to use umpteen amounts of cotton wool, and they claim it takes everything off including eye make up.

Miracle bio water jelly makeup remover from Bio-essence (such a mouthful – wish they would come up with shorter names) is actually quite gentle on skin and great for taking off makeup. I still ended up using an eye make up remover because I inevitably get the product in my eyes! It didn’t leave skin tight, dry, itchy or sensitive. And the jelly like consistency is pretty novel, whilst not leaving a greasy or oily film. You apply it to dry skin, massage it in and then rinse. Super easy and not at all wasteful.

I haven’t investigated the ingredients list in great depth, because I can’t find anything on their website that tells you what ‘bio-water’ is but it is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. I am not going to be purist about this, because it is perfectly fine for my sensitive skin 🙂

Asian skincare from Singapore is worth a try (have you seen how beautiful their skin is!) and it is not ridiculously expensive at £16 for 200ml. My guess is that it will last a while – I’ve been using it twice a day for 3 weeks and I’ve only used 1/3 of it, so by my calculations a bottle should last between 2 or 3 months, depending on how heavy handed you are with the pump ;). And after 3 weeks (albeit away from the London polluted air) my skin has no dry patches at all.

Grab a bottle from here, and let me know what you think.