A quick anti-ageing trick – fix thinning brows with Blink brow pencil

Blink brow pencil indian chocolate 2

Blink brow pencil indian chocolate

One of the joys of getting older… thinning brows. It’s a subtle thing that happens over time, until you notice that you no longer have a defined arch, and the lady who threads your brows keeps asking whether you would like them filled in each time you go to see her. So, I succumbed to her filling them in using the Blink brow pencil in Indian chocolate, and was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t look too obvious, despite the pencil being a dark brown and not black, which is what I had expected I would need to use.

The ladies at the Blink Brow Bar are so helpful – mine showed me how to fill in my brows a couple of times when I went to see her, until I felt comfortable enough to buy one of the pencils myself. I have to admit, I don’t have a steady hand but that hasn’t stopped me. The pencils are not too smudgy so the line remains fairly sharp. It goes on lightly to start with, and then you build the colour. This particular pencil has a brush at the end so you can brush the colour through.

It doesn’t look unnatural but it doesn’t look 100% natural either. It’s enough to give the illusion that there is hair growing where it no longer does – thinning brows can age a face. I find it best to use it after I have applied my eye make up so I can see what more is needed to frame them. I could try and use a brow serum to help make them grow, I suppose, but I don’t want what is there already to thicken up, I just need the patches where they are disappearing to fill in again! Balding brows, who would have thought it?!

The pencils cost £13 and the handy brush at the back means you don’t need anything else to define brows. You can buy them online or at any of the brow bars dotted around the country (usually in department stores). This is the first pencil I have tried so I have no way of comparing it to others out there, and have no idea what others are like. Do you use one? Which one would you recommend?

Blink brow pencil indian chocolate

Blink brow pencil indian chocolate



  1. 25th April 2016 / 8:12 am

    Hi, I have to fill my brown in. Sometimes I use a Dior brow pencil, other times I uses a powder and brush and them some brow gel over it. I find both methods are good. It’s such a pain and I really wish I didn’t need to do it all the time but I do.

    • Sofia
      26th April 2016 / 2:57 pm

      Hi, I am not confident I would do a good job with a powder and brush! I agree, it is an extra step we shouldn’t really need but it makes such a difference. Oh well, it’s all part of the joy of getting older 🙂