Alum deodorant – Bloc hyalin from Féret parfumeur 100% natural alum

Feret Bloc Hyalin deo 3

Bloc hyalin alum deodorant

I’ve tried natural deodorants before and been disappointed, either developing a rash or finding it didn’t work, i.e. not feeling confident in public. This alum deodorant, a natural French alum stone, which I found during one of my lunchtime wanders in Covent Garden’s Bloom Perfumery, actually works. It is centuries old in its formulation and has a history of softening, moisturising, astringent, cauterising, anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and deodorant properties. Who would have known!

Regular anti-perspirants work by blocking pores, thereby stopping sweat from forming. And regular deodorant works by masking the smell of sweat. This natural alum stone forms a protective film of mineral salts over the skin, remaining on the surface and not blocking pores, allowing skin to breathe. The mineral salts are what prevent bacteria from forming, which is what causes sweat to smell. It is safe enough to use after shaving and waxing too, as it doesn’t cause skin irritation.

This 100% natural alum stone is still produced using the same formulation as when it was first made in 1878, including the fact that it is hand made. Made from 100% potassium salt which has been purified after extraction from saline and quarries around the world. As potassium alum is inert, it doesn’t get absorbed by skin cells so is harmless. It makes the perfect deodorant for anyone trying to remove perfume, aluminium, alcohol, and parabens from their everyday products… you will be very happy with what Fèret Parfumeur have to offer.

It costs £9.50 for 100g, and the tin is £2.50, bought separately. It is claimed to last for years (!) which I cannot vouch for, yet. Fairly easy to use, all you do is swipe the rounded end over damp skin after a shower, and get dressed – as it forms an invisible layer of mineral salts, it doesn’t stain clothes. Plus the retro tin looks super cool in my bathroom too 🙂

Feret Bloc Hyalin deo

Bloc hyalin alum deodorant

Feret Bloc Hyalin deo 2

Bloc hyalin alum deodorant



  1. 5th March 2016 / 3:03 pm

    Oh! This sounds really interesting! I love bringing hand-made, more natural products into my life. I’ll definitely have to check this brand out! And that packaging is adorable 🙂

    • Sofia
      13th March 2016 / 8:20 pm

      It’s great isn’t it! Give it a try x