Bumble & Bumble’s brilliantine is making an appearance again now that the sun is out

Brilliantine from bumble & bumble

Brilliantine from bumble & bumble

This stuff is brilliant (no pun intended)! It’s an unsung hero. I have a tube on the go all the time, and it is great for making straight-hair-days that little bit mussed up, tousled and sexy looking. And with the sun shining more and more these days, this little beauty needs an outing. Plus it is absolutely perfect for holidays and for beach-hair-days.

Bumble & bumble’s brilliantine can be used on damp or dry hair, to help create separation and polish / shine. I have naturally wavy hair and this supports the natural wave when used on damp hair, or adds some shine and separation when used on dry hair. You only need a tiny little blob of it, and you’ll need to warm it up in your hands before teasing through hair. I would suggest applying it with fingertips to the strands when creating definition on dry or wet hair otherwise you’ll end up making hair heavy with the product.

I buy mine from feelunique where a 50ml tube costs £19 including free delivery. Try it. You’ll never be without it.