Clean me up scotty

This is the first of my weekend wonders series, taking a bit of time out of busy schedules to focus on yourself, whether it is skin, body or hair care, arming against the onslaught of time. Whatever your skin or hair issue, it will become magnified as you get older so it is worth taking the time now to manage and treat it/them. We don’t always have the time or money to make regular visits to beauty salons for treatments so carrying them out at home at the weekends is a good alternative. Just be consistent as it is the cumulative effect that is what makes a difference.

We’ve grown up with the mantra of a weekly face pack keeping skin clean and clear, whether it is something clay based to draw out impurities that cause spots or vitamin enriched to boost skin’s elasticity and moisture. Or even one of the homemade varieties – oatmeal mixed with egg or honey warmed and applied directly. Whatever your pleasure, be sure to adopt and make it a regular habit. A decent face pack has the ability to tighten pores, remove dead cells, keep skin clean, brighten and tighten complexion. It will help erase the ravages of the week and negate against the constant pollution we are faced with in our daily lives, preventing the early signs of ageing to take hold. Home made is fun, if you’re into getting messy and smelling weird. Not my bag at all. My favourite for more years than I can remember is Bliss’s Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask (a mouth full of a name). I suffer from open pores to my cheeks and this is the only product I have used that tightens them, whilst also keeping my skin clean and clear from blackheads and blemishes by melting away any dead skin cells. I can visibly see my skin firming, become smoother and brighter, and getting ready for a massage with my wondrous rosehip oil. The oil absorbs and penetrates better than on any other day because there are no dead skin cells in the way. Hurrah.

This is my weekend ritual no matter how busy I am, done just before bed time to guve my skin maximum time to regenerate itself. One of my favourite weekend wonders. A final attempt at holding on to what is my time, and starting the following week fresh faced and ready for whatever London has to throw at me. Try it yourself and see if you don’t see an improvement over time. *
weekend wonder - bliss steep clean

weekend wonder – bliss steep clean


* If you use face packs with AHAs and similar peeling properties be sure to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 every day, otherwise any blemishes or dark patches will just get darker, causing you to have patchy skin.