Cold and flu season is upon us

hot water lemon & honeyIt has been a predictable run up to xmas, with a cough and cold having taken hold. No mind, it has made me stop and take stock… I need to slow down and rest. Work has been stressful right up until I finished for the holidays, and my customary coping mechanism (a run in the morning) has been hard to muster the energy for with the cold and dark mornings. Thankfully I’m back on my feet, infinitely grateful for Mum’s chicken soup and unstinting TLC!

eight hour cream

my trusted eight hour cream

I have tried to make the most of this time of enforced rest by taking a break from make-up, keeping things clean and simple, letting my skin breathe. Extra lashings of my wonder cream – Lait-Creme Concentre from Embryolisse Laboratoires (also used to protect my skin against the cold when running) – keeps the redness at bay whilst soothing and moisturising my dehydrated skin. A tiny dollop of my trusted Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant applied to my nose before bedtime helps to heal and prevent further flakey skin. Lots of water, vitamin C, honey/lemon/ginger infused hot drinks cleanse my skin from the inside whilst helping to beat the dreaded cold. Of course wearing no make-up is easy when you’re ill because you’re in no mood to stand at the mirror messing around with your mascara wand! But spending an extra 5 minutes after a shower massaging extra moisturiser into skin does wonders for the soul and makes you feel a whole lot better, taking control back from whatever virus or bug that ails you, emerging fresh-faced once you have beaten it.