Davines OI shampoo & conditioner with roucou oil softness & apricot butter hydration

Davines oi shampoo & conditioner roucou oil softness

Davines OI shampoo & conditioner

The Davines OI range already features in my arsenal of beauty products – I use the OI oil (absolute beautifying potion)body wash, and all in one milk. My love for this range has grown over time and is all because of the roucou oil softness that it provides – I was introduced to it when gifted the OI oil and all in one milk, and found the softening and protecting effect to actually help with the condition of my hair. I love the smell, and luxurious feel of it all. This is a range that has helped my hair to battle the frizz, and creates a softness I haven’t had in a while. It also protects the colour of my hair, not seeming to make the dyed colour fade.

The shampoo feels thick and luxurious, foaming easily and feeling like it is moisturising hair as it cleans it. After rinsing there isn’t that squeaky feeling you sometimes get from shampoos, indicating it hasn’t stripped the hair of moisture (that will be the roucou oil softness kicking in!). I was a bit worried to start with because of my fine hair, thinking it would get weighed down which it didn’t.

The conditioner is just as luxurious feeling – I love scooping it out of the tub – much better for managing how much is used, and knowing that I can get to every single last drop of it. I don’t always leave it on for the full 2-3 minutes, and it still does the job. It rinses out quickly, and makes my hair feel thicker, which would make any girl happy!

Roucou oil is the active ingredient in both the shampoo and conditioner, which is extracted from a plant from the Amazon (Annatto). It is rich in beta-carotene (restructuring action on hair whilst reducing UV damage) and ellagic acid (protects against free radicals). Apricot butter is the other active ingredient in the conditioner, providing a hydrating and soothing action.

It’s been great for my sensitive scalp, which I hadn’t expected because of the strong smell – the oil and milk are only ever used on strands, so it’s only natural to expect the shampoo and conditioner to irritate scalp but I was pleasantly surprised. No reaction at all, no itching or flaking of scalp – and the roucou oil softness that I have come to expect from this range.

An ethical range, developed by the Italians, it doesn’t contain sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrance, or any animal by-products.

The shampoo costs £15.20 for 280ml, and the conditioner is £16.40 for 250ml, and can be bought here. It’s a luxurious range so not cheap. I don’t need much shampoo for it to lather up, which is a bonus. The conditioner also spreads quite well too, minimising the need to use too much. My hair benefits from the use of high quality products – cheap shampoos and conditioners just don’t seem to cut the mustard, and I am not a fan of silicone and sulphates, as some of you already know. For me, this is every penny well spent.