Décolleté creams – should you use one and which one should you go for? Here are my top 5 + 1.

No, it’s not a mistake. I have a top 5 of décolleté creams + 1 oil. Aha! Besides, top 6 just doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, a friend asked me to recommend some décolleté creams, and it got me thinking. Do you really need a specific cream for that area? I don’t actually use one myself, and instead take my serums, face cream and oils down to my neck and décolleté, with a view that if it is good enough for my face then it will be good enough for my neck and décolleté (I love that word). Plus my bathroom is already packed full of so many skincare goodies, I just don’t need to add to it.

My decollete combo

My decollete combo

My favourite night treatment for this area has to be Pai’s rosehip oil, which I mix with some argan oil (vitamin E and essential fatty acids) and pomegranate oil (ellagic acid for skin regeneration) when I feel like my skin is in needs of an extra boost. A liberal application of a broad spectrum SPF of at least 30 offers protection against ageing, used every day whenever skin is exposed whether the sun is out or not. I use an SPF designed for the face as it’s specially formulated for delicate skin.

So back to my question about whether you need a specific cream – the premise that prevention is better than cure is never more true than now, but if this is an area that has suffered from a bit of sun damage and is looking a little crepey, then it is worth using something more targeted to reverse damage, firm skin and get it to a place where it can be maintained as part of your every day skincare regime. So, having trawled the net for the right products that have great reviews, here is what I ended up recommending to my friend. Please note that I haven’t trialled any of these.

BLISS-299 (2)

Bliss is a brand I have used before and found their products to be quite effective. Even though I haven’t used Bliss thinny thin chin neck firming cream, I trust that it will actually work. It’s one that can be used morning and night, but doesn’t contain SPF which will need to be applied separately. It hydrates, exfoliates, brightens, tightens and protects. A real super hero by the sounds of things. It’s pricey at around £35 but if it is anything like Fat girl sleep, then you will see results with consistent use.


Philosophy is another brand I trust. I use their exfoliating wash and acid peel and think they are brilliant, so am banking on their neck and décolleté cream being good too. It’s from their when hope is not enough range, and works by hydrating, revitalising and firming skin, whilst protecting it from free radicals with vitamin C. It looks like it is out of stock online so may be worth visiting a Philosophy counter if you want to buy it. My guess is that it would be around £40.


Dr Ceuticals Neck & Chest lift cream is hydrating and improves elasticity, and is recommended for use morning and night, but as it contains SPF I am not sure that it should be left on skin overnight (perhaps replace this with your regular night cream). But for day time, this could be a good option, just be aware that SPF15 is not that strong a protection – SPF30 would be better. It is a good price though at around £19.


Dr Nick Lowe The Secret is Out Neck & Decollete Firming Cream is one that can be used morning and night, as it doesn’t contain any SPF. Echium seed oil provides omega 3-6-9 fatty acids to rebuild skin and provide protection, and some algae derived goodness to tighten the skin. It’s around £30.

NeckChestRejuvenatingComplex__82071.1408027610.1280.1280If you feel like splurging then Sarah Chapman’s neck and chest rejuvenating complex is a great one to go for. It plumps, firms, tightens, strengthens, and reverses signs of ageing and UV damage, through a blend of sea holly stem cell, niacinamide B3, vitamins A and C, and dictyopteris oil (from algae), amongst other ingredients. It’s one that can be used day and night, and is £54. Sarah Chapman is a renowned facialist who has brought out her own line of products, which have won multiple awards. Her salon is based in Chelsea and is on my list to try out.


Now, if all you are after is an all rounder like my Pai rosehip oil, but one that contains a few more oils then try Sanctuary Spa’s Lipid Recovery Facial Oil, which is another award winner. It helps skin recover from any signs of ageing and is specially formulated for mature skins. The combination of oils – pomegranate, rosehip, jojoba, wheatgerm and essential oils of lavender, bitter orange and chamomile – are all suitable for younger skins too. Although it is a facial oil it can be used on neck and décolleté morning and night, but a separate SPF will be needed for day time.

Tips: Always moisturise neck and décolleté the same as your face. Always apply a broad spectrum SPF of a minimum of 30 that is designed for use on the face, because the skin on neck and décolleté is as delicate as the area around eyes. Apply oil or cream on slightly damp skin so that you trap in moisture. Just as you would cover your face from the sun using a hat, you should also offer some shade to your neck and décolleté – an excuse to buy an extra wide brimmed hat for your next sunny holiday!