Deep cleansing in the city – F.A.B. skin rescue purifying mask

Do you have days when you feel like your skin is heavy and congested from all the pollution? When it needs a deep clean that can’t be achieved with a scrub? A detox, in fact? I have days like that at least once a month, especially in the summer when skin can feel a bit greasy due to the hot weather. I yearn for the deep cleansing action of clay masks from my teenage years.

Enter First Aid Beauty and their skin rescue purifying mask containing red clay. A peel off (fun) mask that provides a deep cleanse, drawing out impurities, mopping up any oil and generally detoxifying the skin. It helps to smooth the skin and shrink pores so your skin looks fresh again. It also doesn’t contain any parabens or nasty chemicals, so is suitable for sensitive skin.

One tip when using this mask – apply a thick-ish layer so that you have something to peel off, which is really satisfying as well as more effective than a thin layer (or so I have found).

I love the retro look of the packaging too. I bought mine from Feelunique (surprise, surprise!)

FAB skin rescue purifying mask with red clay

FAB skin rescue purifying mask with red clay

love opening feelunique's box of goodies

love opening feelunique’s box of goodies 🙂