Lipsticks that adapt to suit your skin tone – Duwop private lipstick trio

Duwop private lipstick trio

Duwop private lipstick trio

These lipsticks! These lipsticks! Seriously, these lipsticks! Who needs a lip liner, or to worry that lips will dry out or that it will need to be reapplied loads over the course of the day.

They go on smooth, and in one swipe. No need to manage the colour with a lip pencil or lip brush, if you know what I mean. It stays on lips. And the shades! I can’t get enough of them. And the dinky size means I can pack them into a small purse for a night out or pop them in my handbag.

They seem to stain lips but without drying them out. Definitely a brand worth trying out. Duwop are my favourite lipstick, officially. They have taken top spot which is a tough thing to do. I am a NARS and MAC gal when it comes to lippies!

When buying this kit, I was just treating myself to some new lippies because I was feeling sorry for myself that I had to work over Xmas (yes I bought these ages ago, and have only just thought to share how much I love them with you!). Turns out these lipsticks are designed to adapt in colour to suit each skin tone. I really don’t understand how but every time I wear any of these shades I am paid a compliment as to how much it suits me.

Duwop private trio lipsticks

l-r – Private Cherry Noir, Private Red, Private Cherry

They are highly pigmented, silky in texture so looks smooth on lips (must be the beeswax, castor oil and vitamin E) the whole day (and night), and adapts after 5 minutes on lips. They say that it is because the formula includes a blend of 3 naturally derived pigments of annatto (rich pigment base), hibiscus (the flowers have antiseptic properties), and henna (long-lasting staining), which are then combined with the technology of the 70s where mood lipsticks would adapt for each individual.

There are 9 shades in total, with me having my eye on the nude. I would be interested to see how this adapts to my skin tone. I struggle with finding a nude lipstick that doesn’t make me look washed out or is just a peach or pink lipstick.

Unfortunately, the full range isn’t easy to find here in the UK but the main ones are online at Bath & Unwind, Beauty Bay, and Simple Beauty (just some I’ve found). Blow is where I bought the private lipstick trio, but I haven’t seen the individual lipsticks there. I will pounce on them if they do stock them!

The trio was £12 from Blow Ltd (on sale at the moment for £6!). The full-sized lipsticks are £19 which is above average (MAC lipsticks are around £15 and Rimmel ones are around £5) but the consistency, hydration, colour and lasting power make it worth every penny in my opinion.