Eve Lom rescue mask – detoxing the skin whilst detoxing the body. LOVE

Since starting this detox (which I have never done before in my life, I might add), I’ve been rifling through my samples draw for a detoxing mask. I found this little beauty, which was one I’d been given with one of my (many) Space NK purchases.

The mask

I’ve tried it and I love it! Eve Lom’s rescue mask reminds me of masks from my youth – it must be the kaolin clay (reduces oil and puffiness) and camphor* (decongests), which also contribute to the slightly medicinal smell on application. Other active ingredients include ground almonds (exfoliates) and honey (conditions) – both favourites of mine, inside and out.


My skin felt amazing afterwards and more so the next morning. Very soft, smooth and healthy looking. Congestion in my forehead and around my chin seem reduced. I’m a convert and have added it to my list to buy once I’ve run out of my current mask (I am not that loyal). This is why samples are so important long after the initial launch of a new product. Try before you buy is a win-win for both the brand and the punter.

It’s £35 for 50ml which is not cheap but worth every penny, because it seems to work instantly. It’s won In Style’s award for ‘Best Mask for Congested Skin’ for 7 consecutive years, and I can see why. Love 🙂

A bit about Eve Lom

Eve Lom is a luxurious brand, with a philosophy based on great skin being achieved through gentle cleansing and exfoliation, allowing skin to regenerate itself. Their balm cleanser is iconic, but a bit too pricey for me who wears a lot of make up, and will probably use a lot at every cleanse! But it is on my wish list.

A more legible ingredients list

A more legible ingredients list

*some people say camphor is toxic, but I have also read that in small doses the essential oil is safe. I am choosing to believe the latter. Please do your own research and be comfortable with making your own choice.