My eye lashes have taken a pounding from daily mascara use

Luscious eye lashes oil from Blink Brow Bar

Luscious lash oil from Blink Brow Bar

I have a daily mascara habit I haven’t overcome, or intend to overcome. So my plan to prevent losing my eye lashes forever has been to use some sort of growth serum, which I am no longer convinced works, or is good for my eyes. I get itchy eye lids, so have had to ditch the serums. In its place, I have been using drops of sweet almond oil, which is fiddly to put on and I get it in my eyes, inevitably. Cue, the Luscious lash oil from Blink Brow Bar. An eye lash oil in a mascara tube with a mascara brush. I love it!

I think you all know I am slightly obsessed with oils, so this is an innovation that makes me very happy :). The eye lash oil is a blend of castor oil (which is known to promote growth and provides nourishment), jojoba oil (for strength and moisturisation), apricot kernel oil (for hydration and conditioning), bamboo (boost shine), and rosemary (stimulates growth). I’ve been using it on days when I know no-one will see me and my mascara-less eyes. I keep forgetting to use it at night, and I know I will see better results if I do!

Blink Brow Bar is my go-to for shaped eye brows, and it makes sense that they would bring out an oil to help with lash growth. They’ve even got an oil to promote brow growth. The lash oil is £16 and can be bought at the brow bars, as well as online. Give it a try if you’re looking for a natural way to boost / promote eye lash growth.