A face oil with a dual purpose

my face oil

Face oil by Sofia Latif

It has taken 15 years to perfect and 15 years to test (on myself, of course). Feel skin become more soft, supple, and smooth overnight with my face oil.

I am convinced that skin will age better if it is kept supple and elastic, and each oil in this blend has been selected for its ability to do just that.

Organic sweet almond oil seals in moisture and strengthens skin.

♥ Rosehip oil has been clinically proven to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fade scars.

Marula seed oil improves skin tone and elasticity.

Moringa seed oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, protecting skin from damaging free radicals.

♥ Pomegranate seed oil promotes skin regeneration.

Jasmine essential oil balances the moisture in skin.

Bulgarian rose essential oil refines skin texture.

There is a healthy dose of each of these oils in my face oil, to give it the best chance to nurture, protect and pamper skin. Team this with a face massage when applying the oil, and skin tone and texture should improve.

Improve your skin, and at the same time, help improve the life of someone in a developing country. With the sale of each bottle of my face oil, £2 is invested in an entrepreneur to empower them and support them in the growth of their business. Lendwithcare is our charity partner.