Figs & Rouge petroleum and paraben free lip balm – a new discovery that is here to stay

figs & rough vanilla orange lip balm

figs & rough vanilla orange lip balm

Welcome to the club, Figs & Rouge. I like your philosophy, and that you are designed and made in the UK. Petroleum and paraben free lipbalms that are 100% natural (there doesn’t seem to be any accreditation for organic status on the website, although natural doesn’t always equate with organic).

The vanilla orange lipbalm is lovely, giving lips a subtle shimmer. It smells so good I want to lick the contents of the tin! The tins are pretty and I can see these making great gifts.

It’s a multi-tasking lipbalm, which I’ll be honest I don’t understand. A lipbalm is just that, a balm for lips. It won’t do anything else except keep lips smooth and enriched, which it does very well. I like these little tins, the balm is definitely keeping my lips from being dry and I’ve not had to reapply constantly. They’re a fiver each and I bought mine from Love Lula. I think I’ll be collecting all of them! 🙂