The Fragrance Shop – perfume discovery box and MyFragranceApp to help you choose more fragrances

fragrance shop discovery box

The Fragrance Shop discovery box

Beauty boxes are everywhere at the moment, making it easier for you to try out new products or treat yourself to a new box of delights as and when you feel like it. Now, you can do the same with perfume or so it seems with The Fragrance Shop. A revelation to me, but it was only natural that they would branch out in this way.

The discovery box is part of the discovery club, sent out to members 4 times a year (every 3 months) with a selection of both male and female fragrances, as well as vouchers to buy whichever one(s) you like. You can let them select fragrances to send you or you can download their free app, MyFragranceApp, where they will build a scent profile based on your preferences, along with answers to their questions on style and personality from which they will make recommendations to you in your discovery boxes. Clever stuff.

It’s great for anyone who likes to change up their perfume often. And at £5 every 3 months, it is not a huge outlay to try out a bunch of perfumes. I got 10 samples (and these are the standard sample sizes of around 1ml of perfume – enough to try out for a couple of days). Someone like me, who has worn the same perfume for about 15 years, is unlikely to sign up to this just because nothing ever matches up to my Marc Jacobs classic.

The app itself is pretty easy to use, although I don’t quite understand how it will know what I like but I have to trust in the smart cookies who will have developed the app. They say that they ask abstract questions which gives them an insight into you, and then a ‘complex algorithm’ determines what you may like the smell of. The app can also link to your online purchase account, if you have one and want it to, so it can learn more from your purchase history. It even helps you choose the right fragrance as a gift for someone else – seems quite a sophisticated function but one I am keen to hear more from you readers if you get the chance to test it out.

Sadly, I gave up trying to use the app after a while (I may go back to it when I have more time)… as part of building your profile, it asks you what your 3 favourite fragrances are, and the 3 fragrances I chose (Marc Jacobs original, Joseph parfum de jour or Miller Harris vetiver insolent) were not available choices. I don’t use anything else so don’t have a similar fragrance to suggest. I think this will hinder anyone from building their profile – people will give up if it is not easy to use.

So, that is where my trial has ended disappointingly. The app is free and can be downloaded in the app store or google play – just search for MyFragranceApp. It has the usual perks that you would expect from holding an account with a store – discount codes, store finder, opt-in marketing messages, free returns for app users, and a seamless purchase from online to in-store (scannable ID so they can locate your account).

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive samples to try. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.