Fushi organic anti-wrinkle lip balm

Fushi anti-wrinkle lip balm

Fushi anti-wrinkle lip balm

Yup, I am a sucker for buying this because it contains the words ‘anti-wrinkle’. I have no idea whether wrinkles appear on lips or can be prevented, but it is an organic lip balm from a brand that I turn to for facial oils (argan and marula seed are two I regularly buy from here).

Fushi’s organic anti-wrinkle lip balm contains shea butter, oils of avocado, evening primrose, and rosehip; essential oils of  orange and neroli, and some beeswax and vitamin E…all moisturising and nourishing.

I’ve been slathering this on and around my lips before bed, in the hope that it helps with the fine lines that seem to have made an appearance around my lips :). Either way, I can never get enough of lip balms, and this little pot will not go to waste at all. Knowing that it is organic also helps ease my mind.

Fushi is an ethical wellbeing, beauty and fitness retailer whose products are very affordable because they have a direct relationship with the growers, ensuring fair and ethical treatment of them, whilst passing on cost savings to their customers.

Where to buy

A pot costs £5 and can be bought here.