Gimme more oils – I continue to be amazed by their power

Oils to feed skin from the inside and out. Oils to feed the scalp*. Oils to cleanse skin with. Yes, this concept has finally reached me. It’s nothing new – cleansing with oils – but double cleansing, using an oil and separate face wash are new to me.

so simple so effective

so simple so effective

“Why?” I hear you cry. “Why introduce another step?”

It’s not new. The Asian skincare routine is just that – double cleanse at the end of the day – using an oil first to break down make-up and grime, whilst not disturbing the delicate nature of skin, followed by a face wash (I use Decélor) to remove the last of any make up residue and pollutants. And you have to admit, Asian skin is just beautiful.

The massage action itself stimulates the skin and gets blood (and therefore nutrients) up to the surface, and then your super clean skin is ready to absorb and benefit from the goodness of whatever night serums or creams you use (Rosehip oil and Pomegranate oil for me – my own special blend). I actually look forward to this mini-facial every night.

double cleansing buddy

double cleansing buddy

I’ve been using DHC cleansing oil (Japan’s number one skincare brand), which is made from olive oil, and contains Vitamin E and Rosemary leaf oil – all hydrating whilst calming. With it being fragrance and colour-free, it is also suitable for sensitive skins. There has been a marked improvement in my skin – less breakouts, a clearer complexion, and it is truly satisfying to see how much make-up and grime is being washed away each night. Plus my skin is less dry, which I credit to not having to scrub as hard with my face wash to remove all traces of make up, therefore not washing away any natural oils from my skin.

Double cleansing is my extra insurance against nasty free radicals and pollutants that can sit on skin, a by-product of city living.

Yet another reason for folk to be switched on to oils. Oils break oils down. Oils are closest to skin’s natural state. Oils contain naturally derived nutrients. It’s simple to me. Oils are king.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it.

* this post is to come – sneak preview – almond oil