Hair dye innovators, hear our call!

It’s such a faff isn’t it? Dying hair because you have to and not because you want to. Having to make time for it. It’s not like putting on a face mask, when you can wander around not worrying that you’re leaving a trail behind you.

I’m all for growing old gracefully but having to manage the wiry grey hairs (that insist on gleaming brightly against my dark hair) is becoming quite a chore. My hair is fine but these grey ones are akin to brillo.

Why not invent a pill that can be taken to dye hair from the inside so no need to be sat in your kitchen with goop on your hair, stinging to the head, paranoia that a drip is going to make its way on to your cream carpets and even more paranoia that chemicals like hydrogen peroxide are going to permanently damage what’s left of your brain cells.

Then the additional challenge of rinsing the torrent of brown muck out of your hair until the water runs clean. It never runs clean for me.

So, inventors, innovators and empathisers of this fate, please invent a pill to dye grey hair. Please.

faff faff faff

faff faff faff




  1. 28th August 2014 / 12:57 am

    I recall reading that there’s actually such a pill being worked on!