Hair mask from OUAI haircare by Jen Atkin

OUAI haircare treatment masque hair mask

OUAI haircare treatment masque

Hair masks can be a total faff, but I am having to rely on them more and more now. My hair seems to be in a constantly frazzled state (much like me!). I’ve used a Philip Kingsley mask (the elasticizer) on and off for years, and always have a tube in the bathroom. It’s a pre-shampoo treatment which is great if you want to boost shine and fullness instantly. But sometimes all I want is a treatment that I can smooth on hair at the same time as a face mask, then chill, rinse and sleep (I’m thinking of Sunday evening pamper sessions). That’s where the OUAI hair mask comes in.

I picked this up as soon as it launched in the UK. Jen Atkin is its founder (you know, of Kim Kardashian glam squad fame), and she seems to create some pretty sleek and healthy looks on the Kardashian clan (whether you’re a fan of theirs or not, you have to admit their hair is in pretty good health despite all the styling they undergo).

The hair mask is a treatment that can be used on dry hair, and rinsed off after 5-10 minutes. Or it can be used as a conditioner straight after your shampoo. It contains artichoke leaf extract to help seal the cuticle of the hair and protect it from any more damage. I have to admit, my hair was soft after use (I used it as a conditioner. I’m yet yo try it on dry hair).

The ingredients list in this hair mask is pretty impressive, with no less than 78 (yes 78!) ingredients, which also include keratin, shea butter, rice bran oil, coconut water, extracts of carrot root, jasmine flower, hibiscus flower, sunflower seed, ginger root, moringa seed, tamarind seed, to name but a few. There are lots of long-named items on the list too. Thankfully, it is paraben free, and no animal testing has been carried out by them. It smells delicious too, having been scented with OUAI #5 (rose, bergamot, lychee, cedarwood and white must).

It’s a hefty £25 for 8 sachets, and can be bought online at Cult Beauty, and is also stocked at Selfridges. The brand is making its way around so don’t be surprised if it is stocked in your local independent hairdresser soon. One sachet just about covers my shoulder-length fine hair. The sachets are a good idea, as can be easily taken on holiday or away without adding bulk to an already heaving toiletries bag 😉 but it would be useful to have the option of buying it in a tube / tub / bottle too.

Will you give it a try? Have you tried anything else from the OUAI range?