Hair vitamins from Holland & Barrett – mega vitamins to reverse hair thinning

holland & barrett hair vitamins

holland & barrett mega hair vitamins

So, I had a bit of a scare last year, when it felt like more hair was falling out in the shower than was normal. It occurred to me that the ageing process had kicked in, and my hair was starting to thin, but I just couldn’t believe it had started so soon.

I started investigating what could be causing the problem, and whether there was any way to reverse it. I hadn’t appreciated the part hair plays in making you feel feminine until I started fixating on mine and how much hair was falling out and breaking. Diet, stress, lifestyle, products, all play a part in how healthy your hair is, but what really makes a difference is how healthy your scalp is. This I hadn’t really figured out, and I know the time I spent using a cleansing conditioner may have played a part in my scalp not being as healthy as it used to be, and therefore hair not having a solid base to grow from.

For scalp to be truly healthy, it needs to be kept clean and nourished. So, I threw out my cleansing conditioner, and bought myself some hair vitamins. Nothing that was endorsed by a celeb (you know the ones I mean), but one from a reputable health food shop. I didn’t want the buzz of celebrity to overtake the efficacy of the vitamins. I opted for Holland & Barrett’s mega vitamins for hair and started taking one caplet every morning (they recommend 3 a day, but when the RDA / NRV  reads over 100% then I see no reason to take the full dose because my diet is fairly healthy).

At least 6 months down the line, and my hair is feeling thicker and fuller again, with fewer strands ending up in the shower. I’ve been seeing lots of baby hairs too, from new growth, and less breakage. I won’t give all the credit to the hair vitamins, as I am sure combining them with a new shampoo and conditioner designed to help boost fine hair will have helped too.

I am on to my second bottle of vitamins and will continue to take them periodically, especially during times of stress or when I haven’t had time to focus on my diet.




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