Hello hair hydrating mask – au naturel goodness

hello hair hydrating mask

hello hair hydrating mask

No, this isn’t a French brand. This is a beaut that has come out of Oz (see what I did there?!) and is going gangbusters on instagram, with shots of mermaid hair and luscious styles from users and hairdressers worldwide. I’ve been secretly coveting mermaid hair for all of my life… actually it is not secret at all… I suffer from hair envy every day.

Anyway, hello hair launched in 2013 with one hydrating hair mask, and now has shampoo and conditioner, lash and brow enhancer, and accessories (silk pillow cases) all designed to protect, strengthen, nourish and help hair to grow. A promise like that is hard to resist. Having tried a coconut oil based mask (which did give great result but also contained silicone), I thought I would try something made up of oils but no silicone, or parabens, sulphates, proteins or formaldehydes… essentially something that is 100% natural. I am a sucker for oils, using them on my face and body on a daily basis; and also know that the Australians have innovated more with natural ingredients.

The mask contains coconut oil (virgin and organic for lustre, shine and softness), olive oil (for smoothing the hair cuticle and reducing dandruff), sweet almond oil (to boost hair strength), castor seed oil (omega-9 fatty acid for hair growth), argan kernel oil (contains vitamin E and anti-oxidants for hydration and protection), olive leaf extract (repairs, strengthens, hydrates and protects), and glycerin (which I think is a natural preservative).

I love love love it. It is a pre-shampoo treatment, which is exactly how I like to use oils on my hair and scalp. Other masks are post-shampoo, which means you have to wander around after you’ve had a shower with something in your hair which needs rinsing out over the bath tub, invariably getting you soaked all over again. Not fun for me.

Granted, it takes a couple of shampoos to get the treatment out, but it does mean that minimal conditioner is needed and hair is super soft and not heavy or weighed down (I have fine hair), and just feels great again. Straw hair be-gone. Much needed treatment, especially now the central heating is on and the chill has picked up outside. I would imagine sun damaged hair would benefit from this too.

Have you tried it? They ship worldwide, and it cost me £14.15 for 100g in August (exchange rates may differ now). I didn’t need much to cover hair, as it is liquid (oil) in consistency and not cream.

hello hair hydrating mask

hello hair hydrating mask


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  1. 18th November 2017 / 8:21 am

    This mask sounds wonderful! I also prefer a pre-shampoo treatments too, I hate the post shampoo ones. I always try and put oil in my hair for a few hours before I wash it.