How can I not talk about hand cream when I am the queen of hand cream?

It’s true that I love hand cream. A love that is almost as strong as it is for lip balm.

So, today I am going to reveal which hand creams are in favour, and can be found in my flat (I have them dotted around within easy reach in every room).

I think I first became diligent (obsessive?) about using hand cream when I read about how the backs of hands can give away a woman’s age. I certainly didn’t want to be giving away that secret too early!

hand cream party goers

hand cream in favour today

From l – r:

Marks & Spencer Moroccan Escape Bitter Orange hand and nail cream – the smell of this is simply divine. It transports you to exotic lands (I would love to go to Morocco), and really works – moisturising and a bargain at £3.50 which means I slather it on a lot just so that I can smell its yumminess. This one has pride of place in my kitchen and is destined to become a desk buddy.

Nip + Fab dry hand fix – I can’t find this on their website but I have seen it online here in the UK. I actually found this tube in T K Maxx (bargain hand creams are an extra draw for me) and it is great for those very-dry-hands-days. I keep this one in reserve for colder months when skin needs that extra barrier against the cold.

L’Occitaine Immortelle Brightening hand cream with SPF 20 was a birthday gift. It’s an anti-ageing one to help even out any lines, reduce age spots and stimulate collagen production – is my family trying to tell me something? I am looking forward to using this one all summer (may have to buy another tube) because it has SPF in it which I don’t find often in decent hand creams. I end up using regular sun cream on the back of my hands but it still leaves them feeling dry.

Rituals Miracle balm is one I use as a night treatment. Great smell, goes on smooth, doesn’t leave any residue and the glycerine ensures I wake up with super soft hands.

L’Occitaine Shea Butter hand cream is a best seller and award winner, and also another birthday gift (my family know me so well). This is one of the best hand cream on the market with a blend of shea butter, almond extract, coconut oil and honey, and is particularly useful for eczema breakouts, heat rash or for soothing any skin sensitivities. I use it all year round and is the last thing I put on before leaving home (you never know who you will meet on your travels 🙂 )



    • 2nd July 2014 / 1:30 pm

      Ah I forget to pop into the Body Shop! Must give them a try once a few of these have run out x