ILIA tinted lip conditioner in Arabian Knights is inspiring me to book a trip to the desert

ilia tinted lip conditioner

ILIA tinted lip conditioner in Arabian Knights

ILIA. A brand I have had my eye on for years. The packaging is premium, as is the price tag. But the biggest appeal is the fact that it is organic. Not 100%, but up to 85%. Not only is it ethical, it is also a company and brand proud of its sustainable practices. To top it all, I have heard that the products are effective, i.e. it being organic doesn’t mean that it won’t work.

My first foray into the range is with its tinted lip conditioner, of course :), which I bought at Blow for half price (£11 instead of £22), but now that I have used it I would happily pay £22! The colour comes from 100% natural dye, which helps to stop lips getting dry, as all it is doing is staining the lips I think. The rest of the ‘conditioner’ is made up of 85% organic ingredients, including vitamin E, pomegranate extract, cocoa butter and jojoba oil, all of which help to nourish and hydrate lips.

The formula is carmine-free for any of my vegan readers. And if you’re not vegan, carmine is the red pigment you get in some cosmetics, which comes from the female cochineal insect (google for more info, as this is not a science blog :)).

My lips feel great using this – it’s an expensive lip balm though. And the smell is gorgeous – jasmine and orange essential oils are the culprits – two of my favourite essential oils!

The bonus for me is that the more you use it, the more it stains lips. And anyone who knows me will know that I apply lip balm many times in a day, in fact in an hour! It’s an addiction. And this shade is pretty dreamy, providing a berry stain, which shows up well on my dark lips.

There are 15 shades available, with Content Beauty having the full selection, and they offer free delivery over £30. They can also be bought at Naturisimo, who offer free delivery with no minimum spend, but only stock 6 shades. Alternatively, you can buy them in a Blow beauty bar or Fenwick Bond Street if you are in London. The more we demand to see organic beauty brands in our high street stores, the more likely they are to stock it. So, support the growth of organic brands by shopping for them, and demanding them in your local high street shop.

I have my eye on their multi-sticks which provide sheer colour for lips, eyes and cheeks. Although I am not looking for a replacement for my NARS multiple, it would be interesting to see whether there is an organic version out there that does as great a job. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

ilia tinted lip conditioner

ILIA tinted lip conditioner