I’m falling in love with Lush all over again – ethical, fresh handmade cosmetics on the high street

I like what you stand for, Lush

I like what you stand for, Lush

I confess to being an online shopaholic. I love finding a bargain from the comfort of my desk or sofa, knowing that I have gotten the best deal possible and haven’t had to trudge around the shops to find it whilst having to deal with oftentimes rude or indifferent sales assistants. I love wandering around beauty halls and shops, and then buying whatever I see, test and like online. Best of both worlds really.

Anyway, this online obsession means I forget about some of the stores on the high street. Lush is one of them. I popped into the one on South Molton Street recently (one of my favourite London shopping streets, which also has the most beautiful festive lights in December), and rediscovered my love for them. Admittedly, the smell in these shops can be a bit overpowering, but you soon get used to it.

Their philosophy – fresh, handmade, ethically sourced, vegetarian (who plans on eating their stuff?!), minimal packaging, and against animal testing – ticks all the right boxes for me.I love that their ingredients list is available on the packaging and online, with an indication of whether it is naturally occurring or a safe synthetic. Plus their products tend to be chemical free, although I can’t honestly vouch for every single one of them because I only use 2 things from there – deodorant, which is aluminium and paraben free, and a hair moisturiser, which is silicone and also paraben free. Both are effective and have replaced what I was using before. Separate reviews for these are coming soon.

So, I am going to be calling in to Lush more often for my basics like shower scrubs (they do not contain harmful microbeads) and body moisturisers, once current supplies run out. I like what they stand for, plus their products actually seem to work. I love my deodorant and hair moisturiser. Give them a try 🙂