I’m keeping schtum for once in my life

Yes, I am keeping schtum. It all feels so trite to me, to write about what I think about a particular lipstick or hand cream, or harping on about how much I like a particular lip balm or face oil, when, right now, there is so much unrest and unfairness in the world, created by a monster on the other side of the pond. Yes, I am referring to Trump.

It is no secret that I am the daughter of Muslim immigrants, and I feel very proud of that fact. I was afforded opportunities I know would never have been available to me had my Father not been the brave soul he was, and moved here from Tanzania when he was 19, back in the 50’s when it was still part of the British Empire. Isn’t it a basic human right to be able to make a better life for themselves, no matter where they come from?

I could add my voice to the million others by writing about current affairs on my blog, but there seems to be enough being said by the media and other, more knowledgeable and influential people. My voice on here will not carry much weight; this is not a political blog.

So, for a while, until things start making a bit more sense again, I am keeping schtum on here. But on here only; I’ll be heading over to Twitter to add my voice there.

And for you haters out there, it doesn’t mean I don’t care, I do care, but I want to lend more than my voice to facilitate the change needed to unseat the beast in politics; I want to take action. What that action is, I do not know, but writing about my favourite cleanser is not it.

Thanks for reading. Now, where do we go from here with divisive politicians intent on creating more problems in an already fractious world?