Lessons from a blogger, on building a beauty blog. Thanks Cosmedic Coach.

beauty workshop 2

Antonia – the Cosmedic Coach, build a beauty blog workshop

I think I have worked in a competitive industry for far too long. The world of blogging is nothing like the world of marketing and ad agencies. Yes, they are both creative industries where relationships with the end user are king but that’s where the similarities end. Bloggers share the love, wanting you to succeed just as they did. It’s turned my assumptions upside down.

On Saturday I met a bunch of beauty industry insiders at a workshop run by an award-winning beauty blogger, Antonia (aka Cosmedic Coach), who was happy to share her experiences and the lessons she’s learned along her blogging journey. She opened the floor to her tech guy (Mark) who helps with her website, and a PR (Jenny) who demystified the world of PRs. It really is all about relationships and what you can do for others. Because all of that will come back to you at some point.

It was refreshing to hear the whole truth about making it as a beauty blogger. Antonia was open about sharing her trade secrets, whilst inspiring everyone that success is within reach. She told her story with honesty and humbleness, warts and all. She listened intently, giving practical advice that anyone could take away with them and action straight away. You were made to feel that this blogging malarky is not a dark art after all.

Of course, you take what you need from these events. For me, there was a reassurance that some of what I was doing already was right, and then there were some new lessons. And this is what I took away – be yourself, be consistent, be bold, be original, be transparent, own your mistakes and learn from them, have confidence in yourself, work hard, persevere, be true to yourself, and know that like attracts like. Find your voice, and stick to it. It doesn’t boil down to luck, it boils down to hard work, consistency (yes, I know I’m saying it again, but that’s because I feel it to be a critical component to success), common sense, and loving what you do and the people you meet. Here relationships are definitely king. And I made some new friends. Bonus.

beauty workshop 3

Goody bag. It’s a generous one.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing in life is free. I paid to attend the workshop, but the advice was given freely and the 3 hours that we had there were used to help us, and us alone. None of that time was used by the brands sponsoring the event to plug their products. They were not in your face at all. I love that. We walked away with a very generous goody bag containing a wide range of products, some of which I am very keen to try – watch out for the reviews (you’ll know they are the free ones, because I’ll tell you).

I am still feeling inspired, and have spent the past few days implementing some of the practical advice given by Antonia, Jenny and Mark. There’s lots more to do, but I have some great ideas bubbling away, and am feeling excited about this next phase for my blog.

And what’s the one thing that has resonated with me, having met Antonia, Jenny and Mark? That it is possible for people to be humble and share their secrets for success, without fear of the competition. The beauty blogging community is a great one to be a part of 🙂

With thanks to these guys, for demystifying the road to successful blogging*:

Antonia Mariconda, Cosmedic Coach

Jenny Pabila, Niche PR

Mark Bugg, Web Marketing Clinic

beauty workshop 1

Beautiful Soho Hotel, a great spot for creative inspiration

* I’ve had permission to write about this workshop. Sharing the love 🙂



    • 10th October 2014 / 11:10 am