Malin + Goetz gentle neroli shampoo is perfect for sensitive scalps – no itching, no irritation. Just clean and healthy hair

Malin + Goetz gentle neroli shampoo

Malin + Goetz gentle neroli shampoo – not easy to photograph the curved bottle!

After years of buying shampoos on offer or ones that have a massive advertising campaign behind it (you know the ones – where hair looks soft and manageable, but in reality it isn’t easily achieved for the average woman), I stopped buying on price and convenience. I am cynical of the promises made by big brands, so I decided to look for a shampoo that wasn’t sold on the high street, thinking that I needed to be as choosey about my shampoo as I was about conditioner, having used a better quality conditioner for years. I still don’t truly understand why I chose to buy cheap shampoos and expensive conditioners!

I was already using a Malin + Goetz product – their intensive hair conditioner, and decided their shampoo could be worth a try. I had read plenty of reviews about their gentle neroli shampoo, plus had been a long-time fan of neroli from my Decléor addiction. It is a bit of an investment because it is quite pricey for an every day shampoo but it works for me – no more itchy scalp, or irritation.

The neroli and amino acid proteins help to strengthen hair – much needed with my fine hair – and olive oil and glycerin moisturise and hydrate. I am not left with squeaky clean hair but soft clean hair, having done a decent enough job of removing any product build-up. Squeaky clean leaves me feeling a bit panicked because then I know my hair has been stripped of everything and it is going to be impossible to work conditioner through hair.

It’s suitable for processed and coloured hair, and sensitive scalps. A 236ml bottle costs £16 and I buy mine from Space NK (I think I spend way too much time in there!). You could probably find it cheaper online – I haven’t tried yet.

My rating

I score it a 9/10. 1 point lost for not being SLS free, but that would be hard to keep with a foaming shampoo 🙂

Do you use a shampoo for sensitive scalps?