Micellar waters – cleansers taking firm root in beauty cabinets everywhere

This feels like less of a fad and more a movement, created by those who want an effective, pore-deep cleanser suitable for sensitive skins, without leaving any of the residue that oil and cream based cleansers can. If you love the convenience of a face wipe, then this is perfect for you (minus the preservatives used to keep face wipes fresh = unnecessary nasties).

Micelle, of micellar waters, are tiny little particles which attract and trap dirt and makeup (apparently even waterproof), which can then be wiped away without the use of water. I find this ideal when skin is feeling a bit on the dry side and I’m avoiding face washes and water, which can be drying. The change of season is my trigger.

Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water

There are a few micellar waters out there, with the French brands seemingly leading the way. I’ve added Taaj Himalaya micellar water to my cleansing routine this month, and it’s a great second step in my double cleanse regime. Also, I have found it effective at taking off all my make-up just on its own. Double duty. No sensitivity.

Taaj is a French brand, whose philosophy is based on Ayurvedic principles. This micellar water is suitable for all doshas, with active ingredients of Himalayan water, chamomile, rosemary and green tea. It is good value, with a large bottle of 500ml retailing at around £16, although I bought mine from amazon for a tenner, including postage (you know I love a bargain!)

Bioderma Sensibo H2O

Another popular one with beauty editors and bloggers is Bioderma Sensibo h2o, which is easier to get hold of than Taaj. It is perfume and alcohol free, and doesn’t contain the common irritant phenoxyethanol. Like Taaj, it removes makeup effectively and is suitable for sensitive skins. I can’t see from their website what the active ingredients are, but the ingredients list is on there if you like to know what’s in your products. Personally, I like some plant based ingredients in my skincare, and the lack of any in this one puts me off from trying it. I’ve included it here because it is so popular, and a 250ml bottle retails at around £10.

Decléor Micellar Oil

One that I am really keen on trying though is Decléor’s micellar oil, which is a hybrid between an oil cleanser and micellar water, which makes me think it will be great at removing makeup. I have loved Decléor for so many years and find it suitable for my sensitive skin. I trust that their new micellar oil will not disappoint. They have plant based active ingredients of sweet almond oil (another firm favourite of mine) and olive oil (which is also the key ingredient in my DHC cleansing oil). It retails at £25 for 150ml, so not cheap, but I tend to buy my Decléor products at feelunique because it’s just that little bit cheaper.

Darphin Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water

Whenever I look at Decléor, I also take a sneak peek to see what Darphin are up to, because they are likely to have a similar product in their range (their philosophies are closely aligned). I used to have Darphin facials back in my 20s, and have loved the brand since (I use their eye cream at the moment). I am curious about their Azahar Cleansing Micellar water – this has been a silent hero in the sensitive skin community for a while, and its key ingredients are derived from chamomile and neroli, which are gentle enough for daily use. It retails at £23 for 200ml, again not cheap but worth a try when feeling flush. For now, Taaj is doing a great job, so I will stick with it.

There are plenty more to choose from – L’Oreal, Garnier, Vichy, Avene, La Roche-Posay, etc, all have a micellar water in their range. Unfortunately, I have found they contain alcohol or parfum, which can be irritating to sensitive skins so makes me hesitate to try them out. 

Are any of you using micellar waters? Which ones would you recommend?