Ministry of waxing. The name says it all.

Hippo of relaxation

Hippo of relaxation – has replaced the Orangutan of relaxation

Yup, the name says it all. Slave to their trade. A single-minded, focussed and relentless pursuit of painless and effective hair removal.

I’ve been going to Ministry of Waxing in South Molton Street for 2 years and will never go anywhere else again. The therapists are experienced, knowledgeable and work efficiently without rushing. The wax has never been too hot that it hurts or burns, and no therapist has looked like they are just out of college, learning their trade on you. You see the same therapists working there all the time. They have the latest hot wax, using the latest and best techniques. They genuinely care about what they are doing, with aftercare that goes beyond “don’t take a hot shower”, and products that help you remain smooth and bump free. They even have stress toys in the shape of an orangutan (their mascot) or a hippo (latest addition to their collection), designed to help take your mind off the job.

Why are they the best? My guess is because they are a Singaporean company who only offer hair removal in their salons – waxing and IPL. This focus and single-mindedness allows them to be the best at what they do. The cost of an individual wax may not be the cheapest in London, but they get round it by offering bundles which give you discounted waxing, bringing the overall cost down. I had a free IPL treatment thrown into my bundle which has worked already – one treatment 4 weeks ago, and I remain hair free. Their IPL machines are the Rolls Royce of machines – the best on the market.

They have 3 salons in London, with various others dotted around the world. Truly the best at what they do. Give them a try and see how quickly you are converted to the ministry.

Great art - waxy looking chairs melted into the walls

Great art – waxy looking chairs melted into the walls

Too cute :)

Hippo squidgy thingie