More healthy eating with Aduna’s baobab superfruit powder – from the tree of life in Africa


Baobab tree – tree of life

A potent combination of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, thiamin, and vitamin B6, combined with almost 50% fibre makes baobab superfruit powder a meal in itself. I add it to coconut water and have it for breakfast when I’m in the mood for something light. It is the most pleasant tasting superfood ever – they describe it as ‘sherbet-like citrusy – a combination of pear, grapefruit, caramel and vanilla’ – and I describe it as palatable and pleasant (finally a superfood that doesn’t make me feel like gagging).

The baobab tree is known as the Tree of Life and is native to 32 countries across Africa. Aduna source the baobab responsibly from women’s cooperatives in Ghana and Senegal, where the baobab trees are community-owned. It’s unusual in that the wild fruit is harvested and not intensive farmed in a plantation. So, you’re supporting a local community whenever you buy a pot of it from Aduna.

Antioxidants, vitamin C and polyphenols from the baobab are great for skin health. The high source of vitamin C (6 x that of oranges, potassium (6 x that of bananas), calcium (twice that of milk), vitamin B6 all contribute to reducing fatigue and tiredness, and a healthy immune system. The high percentages of RDA are ridiculous! It’s one worth taking regularly.