My holiday essentials this time round – some keepers and some I’ll be using here at home

Sof's holiday case - a respectable 19kg only

Sof’s holiday case – a respectable 19kg only

My holiday toiletries did get a little bit out of control – I had 2 wash bags and a makeup bag – of course I had to cover myself for all eventualities – a very hot climate in Malawi and a moderately hot one in South Africa. Malawi is super chilled and relaxed, whilst South Africa is a bit more dressy and groomed.

I was remiss in taking any pictures, actually more like I was too disorganised and left my packing to the last minute, which meant I had no time to actually take pictures. I did take a photo of my case though – a very restrained and sensible 19 kilos only 🙂

My wash bags contained the usual in-shower stuff like shampoo, shower gel, razor (I took along the Gillette venus snap one because it comes in a portable case and is dinky in the shower, plus doesn’t require shaving gel due to its water activated moisture strip) with the extra weight coming from the post-shower grooming products – body moisturiser (I tried out Garnier’s oil infused lotion, natch because I am an oil obsessive), hair styler (see below), elemental herbology cell plumping facial moisturiser, and Cover FX custom cover drops (review to follow soon, suffice it to say I will not be using anything else for a while – I love it that much!), to list just a few of the contents.

Bumble & bumble don't blow it (h)air styler

Bumble & bumble don’t blow it (h)air styler

So, haircare-wise I took my trusty Leonor Greyl serum de soie sublimateur, but didn’t end up using it because I became obsessed with Bumble & bumble’s don’t blow it, which is a leave-in styling product for air drying hair. I don’t bother with hair dryers and straighteners when on holiday – who wants to spend hours in the heat blowing more heat all over their head when they could be out in the sun letting nature take its course?! Besides beach hair relies on you tapping into the not-so-super-groomed version of yourself. Anyway, it worked a treat with minimal frizz, and contains UVA and UVB filters which help protect hair from the damaging effects of the sun. I am looking forward to trying it out here with the cooler weather to see what sort of result I will get.

Bourjois aqua blush in 03 pink twice

Bourjois aqua blush in 03 pink twice

Another holiday trial product that I have become a fan of – Bourjois’s aqua blush made getting ready every day a breeze. Literally just a sweep and I looked flushed and healthy. It has a gel-like consistency and is supposed to last 12 hours, which helps in the heat and sun. I don’t know whether it has a high silicone content but it feels like silk on skin and doesn’t seep into pores or get blotchy. The colour stays true all day too. I’ll be keeping this in my summer collection. Not sure how it will fare in the winter when I like skin to look more matte.

My final first-time-to-try products were from Ultrasun – face and body, both SPF 30 – whose range is perfect for those with super sensitive skin who, like me, suffer from heat rash when skin is first exposed to the sun. They’re hydrating without being greasy and glide on to skin without leaving any horrid white residue, which isn’t great for those of us who are already tanned to begin with :). No perfume, oils or emulsifiers are contained in their products which can be reactive on sensitive skin.

These were, of course, not the only products I took with me, but the ones that have become firm favourites and who will make an appearance on my next trip. If you want to buy any of the products listed here, then head over to my favourite beauty shop (online, natch) via links below:

  • Bumble & bumble don’t blow it is £23 for 150ml, and can be bought here.
  • Bourjois aqua blush is £8.99 for 10ml, and can be bought here.
  • Elemental herbology cell plumping facial hydrator is £44 for 50ml, and can be bought here.
  • Garnier oil infused body lotions – 2 flavours – extra dry here, and regular here. 250ml costs £4.99.
  • Gillette venus snap is £9.99 and can be bought here, but I am pretty certain you can get it cheaper on the high street.
  • Leonor Greyl sérum de soie sublimateur is £29 for 75ml, and can be bought here.
  • Ultrasun face is £20 for 50ml, and can be bought here.
  • Ultrasun body is £25 for 150ml, and can be bought here.
  • Cover FX custom cover drops is £36 for 15ml, and can be bought here. Don’t let the price put you off… you only use between 1 and 4 drops at a time to blend with your face moisturiser, etc. Watch out for my blog post describing all the products I have blended it with, from primers to moisturisers to sun blocks 🙂

Do you have any holiday favourites?



  1. Jeannie
    28th November 2015 / 7:37 am

    Great article Miss Lipbalm. I always use the Ultra Sun products for my sensitive skin. Look out for a week in the summer hols when M&S sell it half price! Always great to pick up a bargain and knowing you will actually use it.