Neal’s yard almond moisturiser for sensitive skin – nourish dehydrated skin

Neal's Yard almond moisturise

Neal’s Yard almond moisturiser – it’s thick

I remember the days when I would awake every morning with plump skin, which looked rested and felt smooth. Those were the days. When skin was easy. Do you know what I mean?

I now fight a constant battle against dehydration. I drink plenty of water and know it is not because of that, but because of the onset of age.

Every now and again, I need a moisturising boost – a couple of times a week – and I have found, what seems like, the perfect moisturiser to do this. This almond moisturiser from Neal’s Yard and is designed for sensitive skin. It contains one of my favourite oils – almond – blended with primrose oil, and essentials oils of lemon and geranium.

It’s not, technically, a night cream but as it is quite thick I make use of it at night, and awake with plumper looking skin, that remains hydrated the rest of the day. I can see this almond moisturiser becoming a firm companion when the seasons change.

50g pot costs £19.50 and can be bought in any Neal’s Yard store or online here.

Neal's Yard

Neal’s Yard