New brand alert – Kosé cell radiance with rice power extract

kose cell radiance

Kosé cell radiance with rice power extract

Well, it’s a new brand for me. Kosé cell radiance is Japanese and harnesses the power of rice. I didn’t buy this because I was after a wrinkle treatment, but after a month of using it, I have seen a definite improvement in the texture of my skin, with reduced breakouts and greater hydration.

I’m using the refine and refresh serum at the moment, and may well upgrade to the rejuvenate and firm serum. The serum is very light, in fact it is watery in consistency and feels great on skin, easily absorbed and very hydrating. Dry patches haven’t appeared this past month, even with the cold weather and onslaught of central heating. It seems to work well under my elemental herbology moisturiser.

Rice power extract no 11 (no idea what happened to the first 10) is extracted using fermentation technology, and is the key ingredient in this range. I’ve been using the serum and also have the eye cream, although not tried that yet. If it’s anything like the serum then it will banish some of the pesky fine lines under my eyes into which my concealer creases. Lovely.

Key ingredients include: rice bran extract (rich in vitamins and minerals, protecting skin from harsh environments, much like the rice bran protects brown rice from dryness and extreme temperatures); soybean extract (depicted as a smart moisturiser, hydrating dry areas of skin while reducing oil where needed); green tea extract (powerful anti-oxidant keeping skin energised, healthy and balanced); bifida ferment extract (contains lactic acid, maximising water-retaining power of skin, supporting healthy renewal); sakura leaf extract (from cherry blossom trees, soothing skin, creating comfort and radiance); and grycosyl trehalose (moisturising, helping skin retain moisture while protecting from environmental factors).

Kosé has been going since 1946, and is steeped in Japanese tradition, using ingredients long a part of Japanese women’s skincare regime for centuries, dating back to the geishas who used sake as part of their beauty routine, for example.

I discovered this little gem in my local Blow fast beauty store in Covent Garden. It’s £48 for 50ml, about average for a serum in my opinion. They sell sample sizes too, so you can give it a try before committing to a full-sized bottle. Clever Kosé 🙂