New eye make-up from NARS – Night Series long wear eye liner ready for party season

Now that we are into November, thoughts go towards party season, inevitably. Although I don’t need much of an excuse to top up my make-up collection. I’m a sucker for black eyeliners – I must have about a dozen or so in various shades of black. Yes, it is possible to have different black eye liners. There’s the black gel eye liner, the liquid eye liner, kohl stick, kohl pencil, a glossy black pencil, a matte black pencil, a waterproof black and a couple of black pencils with sparkles in them, and so on. You would think I wouldn’t be able to find another variation. Wrong. So, when I see that NARS have brought out a range called Night Series, of course I have to have one of them. It’s NARS after all 🙂

NARS night flight eyeliner from the Night Series range, out now

NARS night flight eyeliner from the Night Series range, out now

I went for Night Flight, which is a black liner with cobalt blue pearl. Essentially, it adds a bit of sparkle / luminosity to the black adding dimension which stops it looking flat. I find it gives depth to a smokey eye, and minimises the need to use an eyeshadow as well. It’s one of their twist-up pencils so you only expose what you need, and there is a built in sharpener in the base of the pencil for creating a point. I love the self-contained efficiency of it. Yay to NARS!

Nars night series colours

Nars night series colours

The other 3 colours available are Night Bird containing purple pearl, Night Clubbing with gold pearl, and Night Porter with green pearl. You can see how tempting it is to own all 4! Their eye liners glide on smoothly without tugging the eye lids, and are long lasting too. They are great for smudging to create a smokey eye, but can be left alone as a sleek line. I haven’t found they work their way into the lines under my eyes, so no panda eyes by the end of the night. I use a waterproof eye make up remover to take it off, but that just makes me happy – value for money – once applied it stays on without the need for reapplying. They’ve just launched a range of matching eye shadows, if that’s your obsession.



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      Great stuff. NARS is a makeup line worth investing in. Once hooked, there is no going back!