No more colour outside the (lip) lines

bold red lips 2

Bold red lips. A classic and favourite of mine, so simple and quick, yet making you look like you’ve spent hours getting ready!

There comes a time when that lovely bold colour seeps into the fine lines around the mouth. My time has come. I refuse to look like an extra from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So, off I trundle to the Mac store in Covent Garden (it’s a Pro Store, where the professional make up artists buy their wares) to ask for some advice. I’d already trawled the internet to see what was out there and couldn’t find anything. My (new) secret weapon is Mac’s Prep + Prime Lip – a clear base that becomes tacky once applied (stay with me, I know that sounds a bit gross). I road tested it at a wedding in Venice, and it worked!

How to: Mac’s Prep + Prime Lip first on the lips and slightly around the edges to fill in any fine lines, wait for it to get tacky (a minute or so), then line and fill the lips with a good lip liner (my favourite for any shade of red lipstick is Mac’s Lip Pencil in Redd, it is not too creamy so stays put), and finally the lipstick straight from the tube (I am lazy I don’t use a lip brush). Blot and repeat with the lipstick. The colour I am wearing is Shade 4 of Japonesque’s Pro Performance Lipstick. It’s moisturising, long lasting and has a little bit of gloss to it. To finish the look, add a slick of mascara and sweep of blush to the cheeks. Job done.

And the final challenge with a bold lip…taking it off at the end of the night. I use a waterproof eye make up remover – Mary Kay’s Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover, which I buy from my sister who is a Mary Kay consultant – a shameless plug from me, but it works and is the best for leaving my lashes and lips moisturised afterwards.

the anti bleed

lovely red