Not all lip balms are created equal – Rodial glam balm lip with stem cells and SPF15

Rodial stem cell glam balm for lips with SPF15

Rodial stem cell glam balm for lips with SPF15

Stem cells sound fancy and innovative, don’t they? Isn’t that the technology used to grow more organs or something? Are they trying to say this balm will help grow fuller lips? Actually, in this instance it is plant stem cells, and we shouldn’t need a degree in Genetics or Biology to understand what they’re on about, although I don’t quite understand what the point is of trying to baffle us with science with descriptors like “PhytoCellTec Alp Rose stem cells to protect skin and boost epidermal regeneration”. That’s marketing for you 😉

Back to my Rodial Stem Cell Glam Balm. I have to admit I am addicted to it, and have been using it all Summer. I don’t buy into the whole scientific spiel but I am happy with the results, which is the ultimate test. It’s got SPF15 in it, which I have found is quite high for a lip balm that is not just a sunscreen, and contains some of my favourite ingredients – shea butter (EFAs), rosehip oil (EFAs) and pomegranate (anti-oxidant). I know these are the good guys, and the combination of sunscreen and skincare ingredients is what attracted me to this particular balm. The EFAs are meant to stimulate collagen production and the anti-oxidant properties protect lips from environmental aggressors.

It has a lovely feel when applied, creamy without being greasy or tacky, and lasts all day if not chewed off, essentially doing what it says on the tin – instantly nourishing, moisturising and protecting lips from the effects of sun exposure. I find I don’t need to apply lip balm as often when I have used this in the morning. I am not religious about using it everyday now that Summer has passed, just because it is one of the most expensive balms I have ever used (£17 for 7ml! It was a free gift with purchase from Space NK). It has meant that my lips haven’t burnt once this Summer, a perennial problem for me.

Do I have plumper lips? I don’t know. Do I feel glam using this glam balm? Debatable. If I used it every day and throughout the day, replacing all my other lip balms, then yes I probably would have plumper lips, and feel all the more glam for it. It doesn’t seem to have done much to the fine lines around my lips, but I don’t think much will help those now. I use it to prevent sun damage in the Summer and for that it passes the test.

I'll be using you again next Spring

I’ll be using you again next Spring or if we get some decent Winter sun!

Rodial is luxury anti-ageing skincare that claims to deliver a natural alternative to cosmetic procedures, helping treat specific skin concerns. It has an impressive following, and there seems to be something for everyone. I have only tried this lip balm, but I do have my eye on their Stem Cell Super-food Facial Oil, packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and omegas, all designed to protect and maintain hydration. I like the sound of that – super-food for the skin 🙂 Anyone else used it?