Oh my, o.Moi skincare has got it cracked for sensitive skin

oMoi skincare

oMoi skincare

The Danes have done it again. They seem to be leading the way in skincare tailored for sensitive skin. Is it because they have Allergy Certified accreditation over there, which is the most stringent certification globally for sensitive skins? Perhaps. Admittedly, the full range is not allergy certified, but a good few of the products are.

o.Moi skincare describe themselves as a

‘Danish brand with a French touch for a holistic “me time” philosophy’

Nice. Nicer still are the actual products. I have to say, not one of the samples has failed to please. A particular favourite of mine is the Anti-Ageing Eye Oil (now called the Carrot+E Eye Oil), which has a roller ball (nifty) to roll the oil under eyes. I don’t use it in the mornings because my concealer is likely to slide off from covering the dark circles, but it is a popular choice at night or at weekends. There’s something therapeutic about using it. I’m convinced it has been helping my lashes too! The oil contains beta-carotene from carrot seed oil, and jojoba, sweet almond, and peach kernel oils, which seem to soothe and be suitable for sensitive skin. It feels lovely on the skin and makes the under eye more radiant looking, and I need all the help I can get with that!

Another favourite is the baobab balm, which I have been using as a lip balm, although it can be used on cuticles too. This one is allergy certified, which means it contains none of the known allergens, such as perfume, including essential oils or natural perfumes. A simple set of ingredients go into the make up of this balm – sweet almond oil, baobab oil, beeswax and vitamin E. So, if you’re someone who has sensitive skin and gets a tingling feeling from using lip balms or lipsticks, then give this a try because you are unlikely to have a reaction.

I’ve used up the bamboo scrub and mask already – it has been a speedy way to deep cleanse and purify skin (that will be the kaolin), scrub away dry skin (that will be the bamboo particles, so much more ocean-friendly than micro beads!), and not leave much tightness after it has been rinsed off (thanks to cocoa seed butter and hemp oil). Remarkably, it has been great on my sensitive skin. This is one men can use as well, with no off-putting fragrance in it, and not as harsh as most scrubs, which can leave skin tender for shaving.

The all-in-one fragrance free balm has multiple uses, and was primarily created by the founder to help with her eczema, so it has been allergy certified, and has also won a beauty shortlist award for best multi-tasking balm. I have used it on my face when skin is feeling particularly dry, especially now autumn seems to have kicked in. Shea butter, coconut oil, peach kernel oil, and vitamin E make up the simple ingredients list. I can see myself applying this before going out for a run in the cold, to protect skin from the harsh cold air.

The range has a number of face creams to suit most skin types – the award winning plump it up face cream, the neroli face cream, and the crème de camélia allergy certified face emulsion. But the one face product that jumps out to me is the soothing facial oil – I am a sucker for face oils, because I think they help skin look plump, smooth, radiant, and healthy. This one contains oils of peach kernel, jojoba, sweet orange, geranium, and frankincense, with the latter 3 containing anti-ageing properties. This is another one that I have nearly used up!

Finally, there are some body products – an allergy certified double-whipped body cream and the Port-Louis body oil which contains an insect repellant – for anyone with sensitive skin on their bodies, and who cannot use regular products on their skin. I struggle with inset repellants, having to spray them on my clothes because they irritate my skin. They end up not working, because mosquitoes are clever and know that your ankles are bare and ripe for the taking!

o.Moi skincare have quite a few products to choose from, and most suit sensitive skins. They offer free shipping for orders over ~ £70. I discovered them at the Allergy Certified awards earlier this year, and am heartened to see they have continued to win more awards and more recognition for their products. They are definitely one to watch.

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample to try. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.