Ojon rare blend moisture-rich cleansing conditioner has bumped Purely Perfect cleansing creme off the top spot for me

Ojon, ojon, ojon. It’s got such a lovely ring to it. I’ve used Ojon products before – their damage reverse restorative hair treatment helped bring my hair back to life after it was frazzled after a year in the hot African sun.

Ojon rare blend moisture-rich cleansing conditioner

Ojon rare blend moisture-rich cleansing conditioner

Ojon is a tree found in the rain forests of Central America which produces a nut from which the oil is extracted sustainably. This rich oil is easily absorbed by hair, and is said to restore radiance and suppleness, whilst repairing any damage. All products are 100% natural, although there doesn’t seem to be any external accreditation to attest to this. They are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum or some of the other common nasties that go into making haircare products.

Ojon is the latest haircare brand to include a cleansing conditioner in their range – their rare blend moisture-rich cleansing conditioner (they seem to love giving their products extra long names!) is sulfate, glycerin and silicone free. It contains a blend of ojon, marula, ximenia and kukui oils, and coconut oil cream. I must admit, I know nothing about ximenia oil however it is meant to be used by women from Namibia to Zimbabwe to soften coarse hair and smooth rough skin. Nor do I know much about kukui oil, which is extracted from kukui trees in French Polynesia, except that it helps keep hair looking hydrated and shiny. As I’m such a firm advocate of oils, these new ones just add to my ever growing knowledge and passion for them.

This cleansing conditioner has replaced my Purely Perfect one which ran out earlier this month. Not only does it do a great job of cleansing hair without leaving any residue, but it also is about half the price at £18.50 for 240ml (purely perfect being £35 for 236ml), and readily available in most high street stores. I’m still a convert of co-washing and alternate between that and a regular shampoo. As a result my hair is in much better condition and remains soft, manageable and with less frizz.

Anyone else given co-washing a try?