Organic skincare that works – Aurelia probiotic refine & polish miracle balm

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare - refine & polish miracle balm

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare – refine & polish miracle balm

My readers know I am a fan of Aurelia Probiotic skincare, having first discovered their revitalise & glow serum at the end of last year. And when this little tube of their refine & polish miracle balm was included in the summer kit from get the gloss @ latest in beauty, I was overjoyed.

Much has been written about this wonder scrub / enzyme mask. They say it is great for sensitive skin, and leaves it smooth and supple. It can be used as a scrub, where the rice bran particles (not plastic micro beads) help slough away dead skin and reveal a fresher complexion. The chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot oils blend provides a soothing and uplifting smell.The probiotic and peptide complexes (!) protect and balance the skin.

I’ve used it as a mask – the fruit enzymes chew away dead skin and provide a deep cleanse in just 5 minutes. The balm remains on the skin after the mask is rinsed off, so if you like squeaky clean skin then you will not enjoy this sensation, and it may feel a bit thick for you. Personally, I like the balm – it stopped my skin from feeling dry and taut, and I woke the next morning with a smoother complexion (dehydrated skin nowhere to be seen and some of my fine lines seemed smoothed away).

This is a mask that I will come back to time and time again. I love the smell, and it doesn’t leave my skin dry afterwards like some masks do. AND it has a dual purpose – scrub in a rush or mask when not (actually with it only needing to be left on the skin for 5 minutes, it could be used in a rush too).

It’s £57 for 75ml so not a cheap one but one to invest in if you want to try out effective organic skincare.