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  • The second most popular question I get asked is about mascara and healthy lashes

    Recently I wrote about the question I am asked most often when people find out I am a beauty & lifestyle blogger… how to attain great skin. This week I’m going to talk about the second most asked question – lashes and mascara, and what the secret is to maintaining healthy lashes. And believe me, it doesn’t entail not wearing mascara!… View Post

    Davines OI shampoo & conditioner with roucou oil softness & apricot butter hydration

    The Davines OI range already features in my arsenal of beauty products – I use the OI oil (absolute beautifying potion), body wash, and all in one milk. My love for this range has grown over time and is all because of the roucou oil softness that it provides – I was introduced to it when gifted… View Post

    Rodial instaglam highlighter – how can you resist a product called instaglam?

    I don’t know what it is about spring but it gets me in the mood to play with make up more than normal. Is it because the clocks have changed and there is more light in the mornings, meaning you rise earlier and no longer need to apply makeup in the dark? I’ve noticed this… View Post

    Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon smoky emerald eye pencil

    I can see why her products are so popular. She really knows make up but also knows how to make it easy for us to use. Yes, Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon smoky emerald is just an eye pencil/shadow after all, but the consistency is such that it is soft on skin when applying, easily smudged so you can… View Post

    The Fragrance Shop – perfume discovery box and MyFragranceApp to help you choose more fragrances

    Beauty boxes are everywhere at the moment, making it easier for you to try out new products or treat yourself to a new box of delights as and when you feel like it. Now, you can do the same with perfume or so it seems with The Fragrance Shop. A revelation to me, but it… View Post